How do I get started?

Membership is a quick application and a waiver. Pick a class, pick a payment method, get equipment and you're ready! Monthly memberships go out a month from your starting date. Since classes are ongoing you can start right away.

What gear do I need?

Gear differs for each class. All gear can be purchased at Rising Son MMA.

Boxing: 16oz gloves, 180" hand wraps, mouthpiece, cup and headgear. Boxing shoes can be worn.

Striking/Muay Thai: Same as boxing including shin protectors.

Taekwondo: To begin, you only need a dobak (traditional Taekwondo uniform).

How much do classes cost?

Cost ranges from $80 per month and up. It also depends on styles and the length of membership you choose to sign up for. Classes run 3 times a week for an hour in length.

When can I start competing?

For your safety, we recommend a year of training in Striking. To compete in Taekwondo and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we recommend when you feel ready to test out your skills. We are a competitive school and encourage our students to compete.

How can martial arts help me with other sports?

Rising Son MMA teaches a variety of martial arts that will improve your flexibility, strength, mental discipline, cardio, hand-eye coordination, balance, self-confidence, body awareness, explosiveness and so much more.

What's used to clean the mats?

Rising Son MMA uses a special disinfectant that kills lots of different germs, bacteria and blood pathogens. The mats are wiped down every business day.

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